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How It’s Done

We start with my review of  your outline and manuscript. I give you detailed notes in a critique letter I mail to you with the return of your materials. An hourlong follow-up phone call is part of the process, sparking the next phase now that you know what you want to do next. Further consultations can focus on specific portions of the manuscript and can be done by phone or email. I know your manuscript well at this point and am a great sounding board as you go forward.

Some of what we cover:

  • Outline. I consider the book’s theme or scope, the shape of the larger story. Does the table of contents appear to be complete? Well organized? Does anything seem missing?
  • Content. Does all of the material support the theme? Is the theme threaded through the book? Does the writing style draw me in? Is the author’s voice vivid and consistent? In memoir, are believable scenes smoothly integrated with narrative? Is the dialog convincing? Does it help reveal qualities of the characters and move the story forward?
  • Format. Is the material presented in a logical format? Is it accessible and clear or overcomplicated?

Subject Specialties


I work with writers of business books, self-help books, cookbooks, and travel, psychology, and personal growthI work with professionals who need help showcasing their expertise in a way that’s appealing to a broad audience. After all, readers should be intrigued as well as educated.


You may have a “good story,” but a good story isn’t enough to sell a book.

We identify the theme of your story and make sure it’s threaded through the book. I help you find a compelling shape for the book, consider the scope of the story, the plot and characters. If you’ve already started writing your book you’ll get valuable guidance to help you on your way. If you’re about to begin, you’ll have a good roadmap to follow.

But wait! you may be thinking. I don’t want to publish! And I understand. Not all memoir is meant for publication. I can help you organize a valuable collection of writings about your life to share with whomever you choose. If want to self-publish it for family, I can be your editor, helping make each story everything it can be.

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