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Whether your story is for family or something with appeal to a wider readership, learn what it takes to write memoir that delivers something memorable. I offer six-week classes for beginning memoir writers and personalized help, structure, and support for more experienced writers.

The Six Essentials that Turn Truth to Art

The best memoir uses the same storytelling techniques as fiction — convincing characters, believable dialog, vivid scenes, descriptive details. Publishable memoirs also have a clear theme and narrative arc. I teach the craft of memoir and provide the structure, support, and inspiration to keep you productive.

Writing memoir is different from journaling, where we describe or explore whatever we are feeling or want to chronicle as it occurs to us. It’s about self-expression. Writing a story about a life experience means that we have to create a shape for it, define the focus. The exploration and expression happens as truth becomes art.

On Saturday mornings I email you the week’s lesson. These are info-packed, with great examples from published memoirs and writing exercises you can use to practice what you’ve learned.

For added value, get critique on your writing (up to 2,000 words per week). Email your writings up to seven days after receipt of the lesson and receive my detailed feedback within 72 hours.

Week 1: Scope (the outline for your book or stories series)

Week 2: Description (including shaping a story, which details?)

Week 3: Integrate Narrative and Scene

Week 4: Write Believable Dialog

Week 5: Create Convincing Characters

Week 6: Handling the Truth: Issues and Strategies

Six weekly modules $195 | with weekly critique on your writings $495

Contact me to enrollPayPal and Cashier’s Checks Accepted

Writing & Editing Services OnlineOne-On-One Memoir Writing Program

This program gives graduates of The Essentials or experienced writers the structure of due dates and regular feedback on your work as you write  on memoir topics of your choice. You’ll submit writings of up to 2,000 words by email once a week. I return your writing with critique about its strengths and areas for improvement within 48 hours.

The depth of critique on each piece is up to you. Some writers prefer to use the course to inspire them to write more and make them accountable to a writing schedule; others want detailed written critique.

The program begins with your brief introduction to me by email, summarizing your project and your goals. Your first writing is due 1 week after your start date. Example: If your program dates are Saturday, Jan 25 – Saturday, Feb 22 , your first due date will be Saturday, Feb 1. Time involved? The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it, but no matter what, you’ll learn and grow as a writer.

  • Start the first Saturday of any month — you choose
  • $300  | 4 Sessions

Contact me to enrollPayPal and Cashier’s Checks Accepted


NEW IN 2014!


3-Month Memoir Program
6-Month Memoir Program

Here’s a chance to dedicate yourself to your writing for three months or six months, writing independently but with accountability and monthly feedback on your work. Repeat the program as many times as you like. The program can begin in any month. Choose your month and we’ll start on the first Monday of it.

FORMAT: Write on your own topics at your own pace as you create a collection of short memoirs or write the first draft of a book-length work. Craft lessons are emailed every two weeks (optional). Feedback on your writing is given at the end of each month.

3-Month Memoir Mentoring Program

$600 | Includes one 30-minute Skype or phone call. Additional calls for only $35 per 30-minute session. (A $20 discount.)

6-Month Memoir Mentoring Program

$1150 | Includes one 30-minute Skype or phone call. Additional calls for only $35 per 30-minute session. (A $20 discount.)

In three months, you’ll have a good start on your memoir. In six months you can have a completed draft of your memoir ready to develop or refine. With monthly writing goals of 6,000 words (approximately 1,000 to 1,500 words per week), you’ll have a complete draft written (36,000 words) at the end of six months and be on your way toward publishing.

Monthly payment plans are available. For more information, contact me.

PayPal or checks accepted.


Start making real progress.



Suzanne is a sensitive and acutely knowledgeable instructor and published writer. Hundreds have benefited by her tutelage, and I have been one for many years. During this time she expertly guided me while I wrote Among the Silent Giants was published in 2012 thanks to Suzanne’s careful coaching and it won top honorable mention at the 2013 Los Angeles Book Festival and other awards. — Sharon Porter Moxley/Author

I was struck by Suzanne’s thorough approach. She is incredibly bright and talented. She has an academic yet sensitive approach that leaves her students well-grounded in the genre. I highly recommend Suzanne to anyone who needs an editor or wants to learn more about memoir writing. — Frances Caballo, Social Media Strategist/Author

Whenever my interest lagged and I wanted to give up, Suzanne urged me on. When my confidence was low, she boosted it up. When writers’ block stalled me, she found a way to get me going again. When I struggled to find just the right word, Suzanne made suggestions. I recently published my book, and I can truthfully say that I couldn’t have done it without Suzanne.  — Norma Borelli


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